Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a rapid and efficient method to preserve critical medical information. It is an electronic version of your paper chart. Urologic Specialists of Northwest Indiana was the first urologic group in Lake and Porter Counties in Indiana to implement this state of the art electronic medical record.

What are the benefits of EMR:

  • Identify drug interactions and potential reactions with the cross referencing of your medications performed in real time.
  • Identify medications that are or are not on your insurance formulary.
  • The ability to electronically fill and refill your medications electronically. The prescription is sent to your pharmacy before you leave the office and can be available when you arrive at the pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions can be sent to your mail order pharmacy directly from the office for faster delivery.
  • There should be fewer medication errors making the system safer for you.
  • There is better communication among your doctors. We have the ability to electronically fax the note of your office visit to your referring doctors before you walk out the door. Your doctor receives an electronically faxed note within the hour.
  • You, the patient, receive a “Clinical Resume” which is the same information your physician receives. It describes why you came in, your symptoms, labs and x-rays ordered, medications prescribed and the impression and treatment plan discussed at your visit. It gives you the opportunity to review what was discussed at the time of your appointment in writing to help clarify any questions you may have. It is handed to you before you leave the office.
  • We believe patients often don’t fill a prescription because they don’t understand the reason it was prescribed. The Clinical Resume will hopefully reinforce why the medication was given and increase compliance by giving you, the patient, more information regarding your condition.
  • The record is easily retrievable by your urologist on their computer. There should no longer be a chance of “losing” your chart which can unfortunately occur with “paper charts.”
  • The electronic record is backed up onsite, on the east coast and west coast of the United States in secure servers on a daily basis.
  • The EMR is safe and privacy protected. Only authorized people can access your electronic chart, the same as it was with your “paper chart.”

Should you have any question about how we use Electronic Medical records, please feel free to contact our offices.