Lapascopic Surgery Discharge Information

All dressings can be removed 48 hours after surgery. The stitches (if present) will dissolve over time or be removed at the time of follow-up. You may have “glue” over your incisions that will peel off in time. If there is any skin separation, wash it with sterile/distilled water gently and cover with a gauze pad to be sure it is clean. You may place antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin, Neosporin or Triple antibiotic ointment over the incision as needed. Some redness around the incisions is normal. If you have Steri-strips over the incision, they can be removed in 14 days if they have not fallen off already.

Pain control:
You will generally be given a prescription for a narcotic. Do not drive, make important decisions or do anything dangerous if you are taking narcotics. Often, extra strength Tylenol or Motrin will give excellent pain relief. Please do not take aspirin for one week after the procedure and no blood thinners such as Plavix or Coumadin for one week after the procedure.  If issues regarding blood thinners were not addressed at the time of surgery, please call and ask. Narcotics can cause constipation. If this occurs, take whatever works for you.  Milk of Magnesia, prune juice, Miralax, Dulcolax or Magnesium Citrate are other options.

You may have occasional shoulder pain for the first day or two.  It is because of positioning on the table and carbon dioxide gas used to inflate your abdomen during the surgery.  This pain will go away.

Light activity is recommended for the first 4-6 weeks. Walking is good exercise to help you regain your strength. You may climb stairs and do other kinds of normal activities that you feel you can do safely. Do not lift anything over 15 pounds. A good rule of thumb is that if it hurts, don’t do it. Daily walking is encouraged.

Eat what you feel like. Sometimes after surgery people are not hungry or don’t eat much. We recommend eating 4-5 small meals daily. As long as you are able to eat/drink without nausea or vomiting, this is fine.  Start slowly.

Call if there is a fever over 101 degrees.

You may shower 48 hours after the procedure. If the dressings are not off by then, they can gently be removed. No baths or swimming for 2 weeks.

Do not drive if you are taking narcotics. We just want you to be sure you will not be in pain and have an accident or hurt yourself or anyone else. If you question the ability to drive, please wait until you are comfortable that you can do so safely.

Follow up:
Please call the day after surgery or the next business day to arrange an appointment for 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office for further information/instructions.


Urologic Specialists of Northwest Indiana