Interstim Sacral Nerve Stimulation

Interstim is a device used to treat urinary frequency, urinary urgency, urge incontinence and fecal incontinence. It is used when standard medical therapies have failed or have not been tolerated due to side effects. Where medications affect the bladder muscle, the Interstim allows us to stimulate the nerve that runs to the bladder, improving bladder symptoms in most cases.

What to expect afterwards:

A simple test is first done in the office to see if the Interstim will work for you. This takes about 30 minutes to set up in the office and the test will take several days at home. If the test is a success, then we proceed with the full implantation. This is done at a hospital on an outpatient basis. If this short test is not successful, you may still be a candidate for Interstim with a longer test which requires a brief, light anesthetic done on an outpatient basis at the hospital. The Interstim has a long track record of safety and success. It works in nearly 80% of patients in whom standard medical therapy has failed. If you have tried several medications for your bladder condition or you wish to be off medication ask your doctor about Interstim therapy.