UroLift System

The UroLift procedure was FDA approved in 2013 as a minimally invasive treatment to alleviate the symptoms of BPH by holding the enlarged prostate tissue out of the way.  It works in a similar manner to tie-backs used to hold open window curtains.  There is no heating, vaporizing or cutting of any prostate tissue.  It can be used for men who are considering a more invasive procedure, such as a TURP or a PVP, or it can be used by men who are doing well on medication, but simply want to get off their meds.  It allows improvement in urinary symptoms while preserving sexual function.

Your urologist will evaluate you in the office with a cytoscopy and an exam to make sure your anatomy will allow use of the Urolift.  You will then be scheduled for an outpatient procedure during which the urolift is placed.  After the procedure you will need to void, then you wll be discharged.   In the rare event that you are unable to void a small catheter wll be placed for several days, then removed in the office.

It is common to have a small amount of bleeding and urgency for the first several weeks after the procedure, after which you should note improvement in your voing symptoms.

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